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This is a very special company.

dns solutions people are inspired to achieve a common goal - We are passionate about finding jobs for people and people for jobs.

dns solutions people are chosen for excellence – and hired for their passion, attitude, pride and fun. We do things the best way, the right way.

Recruitment is the most rewarding job ever. You have the chance to change someone's life for the better - every moment of every day. So enjoy it, love it, have fun doing it - but most of all - make it your passion - and make dns solutions your home.

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dns solutions offers a direct line to an impressive roster of Fortune 1000 client companies.

With dns solutions, you'll have access to opportunities you might not otherwise know about.

There are many advantages to our services. Our recruiters work directly with you, discussing your talents, job criteria and career goals. We take the same amount of time to understand the companies we work with so we're able to pair you with the optimal match.

What kind of position are you looking for? Do you want the security and stability of a full-time permanent position or are you looking for a contract position? dns solutions can help you find exactly what you're looking for. Send your resume to