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dns solutions provides contract staffing, permanent placement and other innovative outsourcing workforce solutions.

We have created separate target niche groups and as we launch new services, we have given them their own identity. Rather than being "all things workforce," we have created separate brands for each line of service: For example, we have a Technical Services Group, a Human Resources Group, and a Professional Services Group.

It is okay to have multiple brands under one umbrella organization, but it was best we differentiate each of our specialties so we can deliver service and results.

service groups

Technical Services

Technical Services Group focuses on the provision of vital recruitment and workforce services to clients within engineering and information technology business environments domestically and internationally. As such, our team is comprised of subject matter recruitment experts that possess extensive professional experience within these environments, affording them a thorough understanding of the labor needs and functional requirements within the sectors that they support.

Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services Group focuses on delivering HR consulting and compliance services, serving as your on demand HR department. This group of certified professionals can serve as your day-to-day HR coordinator or a HR strategic and compliance director – or both. You choose the scope of support you want or need based on your business size, growth trajectory, and risk tolerance. By routinely working with this team of professionals you can enhance the assurance to know that you are managing your people resources in a compliant and cost-effective manner.

Legal Services

Legal Services Group consist of qualified and experienced team of lawyers that act as a true business partner focused on handling your legal matters efficiently and effectively and often using flat rate pricing models. Each of the lawyers on this team hold honors and degrees from highly respected institutions with decades of experience which enables them to seamlessly serve as your virtual general counsel, or as a part-time, as needed counselor or advisor that you can rely on to help manage and mitigate business risk.

Professional Services

Professional Services Group is comprised of subject matter recruitment experts that possess extensive professional experience within the business areas they support. With this in mind, we focus on the delivery of a diverse array of human capital solutions, aimed at the provision of top professional, consulting and management of positive candidates. Our goal is to represent candidates at executive levels which possess exceptional performance within their respective fields.

Energy Services

Energy Services Group will focus on the provision of top-tier full service capabilities to employers in the energy sector. With the dynamic state of the fossil fuels market, and the never-ending quest for viable alternative energy sources, the demands of the market require industry leading firms to attract and retain top performers in order to ensure their future success.

Government Services

Government Services Group focuses on the provision of critical recruitment and workforce services to federal agencies and the government contractors that support them. We will utilize our experience and expertise supporting the US government's strategic projects and their contractor's demands. We will specialize in delivering business critical personnel that will ensure the efficient and effective management of operational deadlines.

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